Welcome to the Philosophy Cat


My name is Gillian Taylor, I live in Haddington, East Lothian in Scotland and my pet cat Hebe gave me the inspiration to create “The Philosophy Cat”.

Unlike other pet image makers I do not do five minute cartoon caricature creation, all my work is based on the creation of photo realistic images of the subject based on study of your own photographs which can be uploaded and the result is a recognizable likeness of your pet.

These hand drawn images can be purchased as greetings cards in different colours with the philosophy cats own quotes or  as prints that can take pride of place on any wall.

I am also able to offer bespoke artwork, I will draw and mount head and shoulder pictures of anyone, my training in as a Forensic Artist and Craniofacial Reconstruction Practitioner guarantees my excellent workmanship.

Please contact me if I can help in any way and enjoy my new website.